Massage Therapy

We offer a wide range of massage therapy services including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Foot Reflexology.

Featured Massage Services

Spa Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

50 min. treatment / $75

A massage working on nerve endings and muscular stress using the Spa’s own range of aromatherapy oils.

The Elemental Swedish Massage

50 min. treatment / $65

A balancing and restorative full body massage using natural and herbal products.

Vitality Massage

50 min. treatment / $75

A concentrated massage incorporating traditional Swedish massage techniques and stretching to boost circulation, restore vitality, it includes a splash of Wild Orange.

Additional Services

De-Stress Hot Stone Massage

Add on to any massage / $35

Stones are placed and used as massage tools for deep muscle and mind relaxation.

Aroma-Touch Therapy

30 min. treatment / $35

Aroma Touch Technique is a clinical way of applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet. It creates wellness and reduces stress.

30/30 Massage

60 min. treatment / $70

30 minute massage on your feet, and also 30 minutes on your back.

Pregnancy Massage

60 min. treatment / $90
90 min. treatment/ $120

Pregnancy Massage is a safe & effective drug free method of relieving, physical and emotional stress, aches and pains during pregnancy . It alleviates stress on weight bearing joints of the hips/ knees & ankle & pelvis and offers relief to sore muscles that are supporting extra weight of the baby.

It also reduces nerve pain such as sciatica and other conditions by reducing tension in the muscles that surround the nerve and promotes healthy circulation and lymphatic flow.

Technology Break Massage

50 min. treatment / $75

A relaxing tension release massage for your Back, Neck and Shoulders while being invigorated by customized aroma-therapy scents.

Clinical Massage

90 min. treatment / $85

Medical massage is a little different from a regular massage. Its focus is on a specific area. A variety of techniques and styles will be incorporated after your consultation. Myofascial release is used to release tissues that is stuck and creating restrictions in the body.

Foot Reflexology

30 min. treatment / $45
40 min. treatment / $55
60 min. treatment / $65

Reflexology helps stimulates blood circulation, improves well-being, promotes relaxation, better sleep and restores energy flow.

Reflexology is an ancient technique that is based on reflex points on the foot. Theses points correspond to organs, glands and systems in the body. It also stimulates blood circulation and improve well-being. We also use aromatherapy oils.

Foot Massage

30 min. treatment / $35

Relieve stress and pain in your feet.

Grounding Foot Therapy

30 min. treatment / $55

Soothing foot soak, mask or scrub and light massage.

Gift Certificates available.

Ask your Skin Care Specialist for more details.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying…

“I literally had the BEST experience dealing with Yolanda! I was in MAJOR need of a massage (due to some unfortunate circumstances in my life right now). She stayed late just to get me in because she knew how badly I was hurting. Not only did she physically make me feel better, but mentally too. She put me at ease and I was able to go home and rest peacefully. She used the right aromatherapy to ease my stress, hot stones and a machine that seemed to bust up my muscle tension so that she could get deeper into my knots. She is AMAZING. Every massage I’ve ever had, I felt like the person was just rushing through. Yolanda took her time and made sure to pin point every problem I was having. Thank you, Yolanda! I will be back soon! :)”


– Emily Wike – 

“I loved my Grounding Foot treatment! I loved the first one so much I immediately purchased 3 more! For 30 minutes Yolanda massaged and pampered my feet, relieving my stress, improving both my skin and my mood. I can’t wait to return!!!”


– Ellen Brandwein – 

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